My developing expertise includes: • Designing, building and maintaining complex projects with object-oriented architecture • Strong database knowledge specifically MySQL, Mongo, Redis, PostgreSQL and querying database • Extensive knowledge of Python, ActionScript 3.0 • I am skilled in Mechanize, Tornado, Django, Requests, Scrapy, wxPython, Pillow, SQLAlchemy, BeautifulSoup, Twisted, NumPy, SciPy, Pygame, Pyglet, pyQT, pyGtk, Scapy, pywin32 • Ability to accurately assess capabilities and estimates • Practical experience in applications implementing • The ability of independent work and decision-making • Experience in project planning • Working in a team, the ability to rally the team • The responsibility for the outcome. • Interest and understanding of IT-production • Knowledge of project management techniques, the ability to clearly assign tasks to the project participants and monitor their implementation, allocate functions within the solution of problems.

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Приятно было сотрудничать. Рад что понравился результат
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Очень профессиональный исполнитель, сделал логотип высокого качества в срок. Открыт для общения, приятно сотрудничать с такими исполнителями!