Anastasia Andrushina
Date of Birth: August 16, 1980
Address: microregion 7 house 37 ap. 34
Phone: 0312 457128
Cell phone: 0502 328446

A young intelligent lady with top grade knowledge of English (American University in Central Asia graduate 2003), excellent skills of written and oral translation both from Russian into English and vise versa, highly developed administrative, organizational, analytic and communication skills, with extensive experience in the sphere of administration/management, translation, Internet research and analysis, data accumulation and report writing seeks the position of interpreter/translator.

Working experience
Working experience

October 2005-till March 10  TFI International (US Construction Company)
Position: Translator/Assistant to TFI Business Development Department.
- Translation of tender documents, solicitation notices, requests for proposals, invitations to bids, correspondence between partners, reports, budgets, etc.
- Oral translations on company management meetings, morning report meetings, negotiations with locals, etc.
- Internet search: searched for tenders, requests for bids, proposals for quotation for TFI offices in (Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan)
- Contacted POC and required the bidding documents from them
- Performed regular Internet search and looked for potential partners and customers for the company and typed the accumulated data into Excel format for the top management of TFI
- Kept archive data on tenders
- Established contacts with potential and prospective customers by sending to them representation info and pictures of our products
- Regular correspondence with potential partners and clients, TFI top management and executive team on the tenders that we were bidding on
- Reports on the performed work for Business Development Department of TFI

April 2005-till October 2005

 Company “Al-Fatah”
Position: Director Assistant/Translator
- Translation of contracts, budgets for tenders, letters,
projects, accounting documentation, tender documentation,
business plans, certificates, etc.
- Translated special brochures and presentations about company activities and the activities of company partners
- Correspondence with foreign partners, negotiations over
the phone
- Assembled the required information through Mass Media and Internet

November 2004

till April 2005
 Public Foundation for Youth Facilitation and Protection “OASIS”
Position: Director Assistant/Translator
- performed negotiations over the phone with OASIS foreign partners
- executed the translation of OASIS budget, financial reports, letters, tender documents, reports, and some legal documents, brochures, and project descriptions
- All the ingoing and outgoing correspondence

November 2004

till April 2005
 Translation Agency “BIJ World”
Position: part-time translator
Duties: -performed the translation of different financial,
legal and academic documents such as financial reports,
governmental decrees, letters, memos, company
regulations, university provisions, building requirements,
contracts and minutes, etc.

August 2003 till

November 2004
 AUCA- American University in Central Asia
Position: translator for top administration of AUCA
Duties: -performed oral simultaneous translations of
president speeches to campus
- performed written translations of AUCA documentation: financial reports, audit reports, legislative acts, memos of AUCA President, letters, grants, tenders, advertisements, AUCA charter, AUCA Internal Policy, AUCA Provisions and Regulations, job descriptions, etc., both from Russian into English and from English into Russian
- weekly reformed oral simultaneous translations on the meetings of Academic Senate, President’s Cabinet, on the meetings of university executive team, on the meetings of working group on the construction of university dormitory

September 2000

Till August 2003  AUCA Translation Center
Position: Translator
Duties: -performed written translations of various documentation such as: brochure: AIDS prevention, documentation for mountainous summits, army regulations, documentation for the military base Gansi, content of commercial websites etc.

July 2004 (2 weeks)  ACCELS (American Councils)
Position: Assistant to Greg Hammot (ACCELS foreign partner) and his personal translator
- performed simultaneous translation of lectures on the conference “Civil Education in Kyrgyz Schools”
-assisted in the preparation of handouts to the participants of the conference

June 1999- August 1999  Building Company “Resmesrvice”
Position: Translator
-executed translations of company charter, tender documentation, letters, contracts etc.


August 2000-May 2003  AUCA, the faculty of Anglo-American Studies
-graduated with red diploma Magna Cum Laude
-TOEFL 630

September 1997

Till May 2000  Bishkek Humanity University (BGU), the faculty of Roman-German Philology (Major: Teacher of English Language and Literature and English Translator)
-transferred to AUCA
-studied successfully in BGU for 3 years (received only A on all the subjects)

September 1987
May 1997
 School № 37 specialized in English language
-studied English language since 8, 5 lessons a week and
since 9 till 16, 6 lessons a week
-studied technical translation course in school (learnt how to
translate technical English texts such as patents,
descriptions of different technical devices, etc.)
Personal Qualities and Skills Qualities
- fast learner
- responsible and persistent
- ability to work in team
- ability to work in stressful situations and under pressure
-aggressive and active
- punctuality and politeness
- excellent communication and administrative skills
-advanced skills of internet research and analysis
- advanced skills of oral and written translation
- Highly proficient computer skills with a wide range of
Software including MS Office (Word, excel, Power Point, Outlook, Internet)
- ability to handle mini ATS
-ability to work on scanner, printer, Xerox machine, etc.
- Driving license (category B)
- English-highly proficient, TOEFL-630
- German-intermediate level
- Spanish-intermediate level

Certificates and Awards
- Received dean’s list and president’s list in AUCA for the
outstanding achievements in studying.
- President’s list for excellent academic achievement, AUCA
- Dean’s list for excellent academic achievement, AUCA
- Scholarship to attend AUCA for 3 years
- Diploma Magna Cum Laude, AUCA 2003
- Red Diploma of Kyrgyz Republic

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