Director Of Information Technology Department, Senior GNU/Linux administrator and C/C++/PHP/Python/JS/Bash programmer with 14 years of experience, with a strong performance background in wide variety of
automation, professional system support and solution-based IT services
for GNU/Linux Systems (or administrations) including developing,
monitoring, configuration, troubleshooting and maintenance of operating

Work experience
• ZAO “Netcom Systems”, an IT company in Kyiv, Ukraine. Developing professional sites on own CMF.
Senior PHP developer. 2003-2007
• Unnamed company in Ukraine, IT-security and government projects. Director of Information Technology
Security Department. 2008-2012
• Viosoft, Inc. 2015-2017 ( Senior system administrator, administering 156
servers, 8x40GBit networks, worked mostly for Intel on their DPDK
project. Our customers was Intel, HP, Oracle, Sun and others, and we
maintained all their networks. All servers was located in our office in
California. I left, because the company decided to focus mostly on DPDK
and porting applications to it (long-term contract with Intel), but my
main interest is GNU/Linux core kernel technologies, not dependent from
any hardware.
• After working at Viosoft, I discovered the benefits of working in a big international company, and I decided to
focus on finding a long-term interesting work in a big company. We had
weekly and daily meetings with people from 5 continents, once per week a
meeting with Intel representatives, 156 HQ/Hi-tech servers, most with
24-48 cores and 128-256GB of RAM, 4-8x10TB links, NAS, 40k$ switches and
many different expensive hardware, which you will not meet in working
by freelance or on own projects. I was the main system administrator for
all these servers and infrastructure, and opened a little team locally
in my city, having my own team in my office.
• Most of work I did was freelance, my own websites/projects and different one-time-jobs

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