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The distinguishing feature of the MF pump is a vortex impeller and a wide large size channel for the free passage of solid inclusions. This compact, resistant pump has a sealed, fully protected against leakage iron engine and a hydraulic part.

Submersible pumps of the MF type are used to solve problems related to water discharge inside and outside building
•        filling and emptying of the tanks used for drainage of flooded cellars and transport of storm water
•        suitable for installation in septic tanks as well as for pumping out wastewater, accumulating below the sewage and transporting them to the sewer in accordance with the EN 12056 standard
•        a special modification MF-VO equipped with a diverter knee, coupling for sleeves and mesh filter, which protects a pump from clogging (modification MF-VO can be supplied for MF 354, MF 504 and MF 804 models) was developed to drain building sites, ditches and other flooded places
•        Vortex impeller allows to pump liquids with gaseous and abrasive inclusions
•        compact pump design, ease mounting and a small size of the required settler provide fast and economical installation
•        efficient mounting
•        the maximum acceptable temperature for pumping fluid: 40°С for continuous operation and 60°С for short-term operation (no more than 5 minutes)

•        capacity – up to 58 m3/h
•        head – up to 16m
•        temperature – up to +40°С or up to +60°С during a short period (no more than 5 minutes)
•        control of temperature and vibration
•        flushing of the neck ring

•        versions with automatic level control function or without it
•        passage level of solid fractions from 20 to 60 mm
•        3 or 10m cable
•        compact form, providing ease mounting and small requirements to the well, allows a quick and cost-effective installation
•        pumps are available with some additions, including the shield, angled nozzle and hose coupling in order to be used in a construction site