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Макияж (перевод видео, англ-->рус) – №3

Hi. This is Suzanne Patterson from High Definition Makeup University. Along with the Graftobian Makeup Company we developed this trainee DVD - HD Makeup 101 -  as an introduction to makeup techniques for the high definition format. This information is useful  to not only makeup lovers. But more and more women are learning that clean and natural-looking makeup helps them look their professional best. If you are a production makeup artist like me, working in video and television today you frequently hear the terms “high definition“, “HD“, “HD TV“, or “high def“. This format requires us to perform A-level of makeup artistry that produces the cleanest and most flawlessly looking face possible for high resolution cameras.  We need products and techniques that deliver transparent and translucent results in order to create the most natural-looking complexion for a high definition picture that is extremely revealing. For the novice artist has little to no videoset experience these high definition terms refer to a full digital-signal format that records or broadcasts an ultrahigh resolution


High definition television delivers much more magnification and clarity than ever before, with vivid colors and strikingly clear details of the face. This instantly reveals any flaws in the complexion.

All videography and still photography production done today has high definition resolution capability. Thus the challenge for novice artists is finding makeup technique instruction that is focused directly on the demands of this format.

In this video I will share with you just a few basic techniques. From some of them many makeup methods I have modified for HT application throughout the years since I began working in HD over a decade ago.

From prop to finish you will learn basic steps to creating a high definition camera prepared face in both cream- and airbrush applied makeup. With practice you will gain confidence along with refinement in your skillset that will enable you to create makeup that looks clean, natural, and beautifully forward for anyone  appearing in high resolution media.

You will see firsthand how Graftobian is the go-to product line that meets the demanding requirements of high performance makeup for high definition resolution, especially for continuity and long wear.

Let`s get started.

Pre-Foundation Skin Preparation

Always start any makeup application with the clean and dry face. If the skin texture tends to be normal or oily, than apply Anti-shine HT Foundation Makeup Primer directly to the face. If the skin is very dry or flaky, it will inhibit the smoothest  bonding possible with the foundation and may even pull moisture from it. Any flaky or dry-textured skin that isn`t smoothed down can be picked up by the HD camera and seen as an unwanted patchy-looking texture on skin. To minimize this problem, apply a very thin film of Oxiderm Moisturizer with the foundation brush and smoothing this down well on the skin.

Allow it to settle onto the skin surface for a few minutes. Blot with a velure puff to remove any unabsorbed excess, especially if you feel you might have applied too much.

Foundation Primer

Primer is a bonding agent for makeup which works two ways. It helps to even out the skin texture and minimize pores while sealing in the moisturizer. It also minimizes excess skin oil production so that the foundation can be applied smoothly and evenly which results in a good foundation bond to skin.

Primer also helps  keep the makeup color consistent and prevents it from moving or disappearing from skin on a long day`s wear which is especially important for oily skins.

To apply take a moistened sponge wedge that has been sprayed lightly with water and use it to apply a very thin layer of Anti-shine HD Foundation Makeup Primer over the face.  Allow that to settle onto the skin before moving on to applying the foundation base.

Avoid using emollient silicone based primers as they do not adhere well with makeup, especially on oily skins.
Allow the primer to bond completely with skin for at least a minute after it is applied before moving on to the next step.


Correction Work

Correction work is an essential step that helps the overall complexion look smoother and more even under the makeup. The high definition camera can pick up on and magnify discolorations such as blemishes  and hyperpigmentation. These issues can become distracting to the viewer if they are not properly concealed.

Correction work is important for dealing with discolorations in the eye area as you want them to look as forwardly bright and luminous as possible in HD TV. Getting the canvas around  them looking smooth and even is one of the secrets of the foundation base application looking more organic to the skin, so that the overall complexion ultimately looks clean on screen to the viewing eye.

Blemishes  and discolorations are unwanted visual colors that can be red, or blue, or combinations of both that produce a purplish-looking feedback in camera. They can also be hyperpigmentations of brown or grey which also need a bit of correction work.

For light to medium skin tones I like to use yellow highlight, soft orange, or extra-highlight colors for correcting discolorations.

#30277 HD Corrector Palette

Yellow visually blends out redness on skin and orange visually blends out dark bluish or brown discolorations.

For naturalizing some other problem areas on the face I use extra highlight in a pat - and -seal technique. These colors are highly saturated in pigments so they deliver  the result you need and a little bit goes a long way.

Avoid using creamy based concealing products or correctors over eyelids as a primer base.
They tend to make eye shadows, change colors, and slide or fade away more quickly.

Helpful Techniques
#88458 Stainless Steel Mixing Palette

I like to work the product on a palette first with a spatula to warm it up as that will help sheer it down further into a wash of color for a smoother application.

#88452 Stainless Steel Spatula

Apply a thin film with a camouflage oval brush using a light padding motion under and around the eye area very sparingly or whoever there is a need. You can always add another thin layer if you need more opacity or coverage but this method gives you greater control and more natural-looking results using thin film-like layers.

Take a sponge wedge that has been lightly sprayed with water to dampen it, and then very lightly tap the area with the damp sponge to set the product into the skin. Do not wipe with the sponge or you risk removing it completely.

Or, if you prefer, you can also very lightly tap a thin layer of translucent powder over the concealed area with a flat oval brush to seal it. Than lightly tap over that with a damp sponge.

#30246 HD Crème Super Palette-Neutral

For medium to darker skin tones use the high definition  glamour Crème Super Palette in neutral. Pick out the prominent colors visible in the normal color of the skin just outside the discoloration or hyperpigmentation. Work the product on the palette the same way as previously discussed. Using a light tapping motion with the Ultra Silk Concealer Brush #78108. I dapple these colors randomly over the area to break up the discoloration so that it appears normalized into the surrounding skin area.

Then take  a sponge wedge that has been sprayed with water to dampen it, and then very lightly blot the area to set the product into the skin. This helps harmonize the colors into the skin`s natural pigmentation. Do not wipe with the sponge or you risk removing it completely.

You can also very lightly tap a thin layer of translucent powder over the concealed area with the brush if you wish to seal it further. Than lightly tap over that again with the damp sponge.

Never use a concealer product that is too light or too dark for the skin tone around the eyes.
This will be picked up with the HD camera and it will be reflected as a white-ish or darkish “raccoon“ look.


Foundation Base

Applying foundation base for HD must look like inborn to the skin as if it is a naturally occurring characteristic of skin.  The overall complexion should have a clean yet translucent look, and the makeup texture is not picked up by HT camera as looking heavy, mask-like, or  sitting on top of the skin.

Natural coverage is a technique I use that helps blend the base effortlessly into  the background of the skin. It does not crush out the more desirable organic features of the skin but helps to keep them forward.

Because video is inherently flatter-looking to the viewer, you must be sure to maintain the levels of dimension in the face with your makeup application. The natural coverage method allows you to achieve maximum results with minimum makeup which you will learn how to do in this video.

Matching foundation base to skin is one of the most challenging techniques a novice makeup artist encounters when developing their skillset. But it is a crucial step in achieving a natural coverage outcome. However it is not hard to master this method when you have the right tools and products that deliver accurate results.

Graftobian has made it very easy for makeup artists and consumers to find an exact match of foundation base to the skin. The high definition glamour crème product line has already been classified into the two critically important features of foundation base you need to know in order to select and match skin properly.

The formulation and texture of these creams...