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General Description
The aim of the web site is an advertisement of different kind of properties i.e. flats, houses, villas, caravans etc. Web site contains several modules: main module for advertisement, forum, news, polls, and guestbook.
Two types of user exist on the web site:
1. Any person can register on the web site. Registered users will have access to forum, polls and will be able edit their profiles, send private messages and set notifications (web site – wide notifications, including all modules).
2. Registered users can have access to the advertisement module by making payment (pay pal, different type of credit/debit cards). They will be able to create/edit advertisements.
Separate permissions can be set for user to access/modify/admin different modules.
Advertisement Module
Users are able to create categories and subcategories (if permitted) and place their advertisement(s). Duration and access rights depend on their payment. Each advertisement has to contain: country, type of property (flat, house etc), information about price (price can be set daily, weekly, monthly, different durations etc), picture(s) and general description. This information can be inserted to preformatted form (the number and type of fields have to be changeable by admin) or in TextArea Editor to create their own “look”.
Visitors of the web site can browse all advertisements alphabetically, by country, by type, by anything or perform a search by any possible parameters. If registered on the web site users can set notifications to monitor changes, new advertisements in some category etc.
Other modules
Forum, news, polls, guestbook are general modules (nothing specific). All of them have same database of users and possibility to set different permissions for different users.
Web site has to have possibility to show different banners. Admin sets when, how and what is shown.

Preferable all has to be wrapped into Content Management System and have easy access/setup of all modules, users, content and the representation (visual look) of the site.