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Let professionals arrange your yard

Let professionals arrange your yard

A person always strives for beauty

Fashionable novelties and western tendencies have rather influenced on tastes of Ukrainian people. Absolutely, new currencies have touched the decoration of interiors and crofts. On the market of services companies that are occupied in landscape design have appeared.
The range of works performed by such companies is very wide: from computer design of the locality up to individual selection and plantation of plants. Besides planting with verdure on the territory, an artificial lake, illuminating, interesting elements of decoration may be placed on it or a place for relax may be created.
As now is the thing to buy land and build houses out of the city’s margins, the problem of professional decoration of the territory is of interest. Just a skilled specialist may perform an individual selection of plants and compose them in a way to make them take root and gladden the eyes for a whole year. Besides this, a designer will always suggest the right place to dispose paths, bowers, lakes in order to keep their functionality and convenience without ignoring their esthetic purpose.
The only thing that makes people doubt and think over about the necessity to apply for professional services is their cost. In the studio of landscape design “Dyvosvit” the minimal price for decoration of 100 square meters is 4000 gryvnia, design of the same area – 350 gryvnia, creation of sketches – 100 gryvnia, call of a specialist to the place of work – 90 gryvnia, different measurements – 40 gryvnia from every 100 square meters. In the studio “Peizaj” the project of 100 square meters costs 400 gryvnia, “ArtSad” that performs only project works makes it for 120-150$ for 100 square meters. In the studio “Entourage” the total decoration with plants of 100 square meters will cost not less than 2000$, including design, designer’s work, selection and plantation of verdure. But even having decided to pay money for the wished beauty near a house or an office, people still doubt: “What if a plant will not take root, will die during winter?” Professionals suggest not worrying about this – plants are selected considering climate conditions and compatibility with each other, their transportation from seedbed to the new place of living is performed with care, roots are not damaged while this. Besides this, companies give a guarantee that plants take root during 1—12 months or other depending on contract. But if a trouble happened, studios usually give money back for a big plant or prick out a new one, if a small plant died – they also prick out a similar one without additional payment.
In Vinnytsia services on landscape decoration are offered by such studios:

21000, Vinnytsia,
Lebedynskyi str., 9
8(0432) 69-05-95
8(094) 903-45-95

ArtSad (only project works)
21000, Vinnytsya,
Nemyrivske shose 76/21, office 3
8(0432) 57-92-35
8(097) 546-89-98
8(067) 736-71-73

23227, village Agronomichne,
Akademichna str. 2
8(0432) 69-57-05
8(067) 99-22-790

21000, Vinnytsya,
Maxymovych str. 10б
8(0432) 53-08-51
8(0432) 53-08-53

Kirov str., 9-B

21036, Vinnytsia,
Maxymovych str., 24
(0432) 354205
0432) 611572
Fax (0432) 611572

Workers of each of these studios are professionals of their job, ready to create a marvel in Your yard. You just need to choose a company judging from its portfolio and prices for services. And soon scents of wonderful plants will smell in Your garden, and You’ll enjoy them in the shade of magnificent maple branches.