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“PA Logistics” LLC was created to use globalization and informational technologies in the best interests of the company and its partners.
Explore the world discovering freight traffic flows, comprehend the specificity of countries, understand the nuances, create new contacts and promote the company on international logistics market.
For the company “PA Logistics”, priorities are the needs of company’s partners and team, financial transparency and legal competency.
Globalization is the process of worldwide economic integration of countries into a single network market economy.
Globalization process has reinforced international connections and interdependence many times, as the result, the world becomes more tight and more dependent from all its subjects.
“PA Logistics” supports international integration processes, has wide experience, large partners network and is aimed to further international development. That’s why we are ready to answer any question regarding international logistics.

List of services:
  • Sea shipping

Sea shipping is considered to be the cheapest and the most widespread way of delivering cargo. Maritime industry always played one of the leading roles in international economy, taking an important place in the system of global transport interrelation.
It is worth saying that sea shipping is of great specificity and has manifold operations. In connection with that, a mediator between ship-owner and charterer is always required at the moment of concluding a treaty.
“PA Logistics” LLC offers services of an agent in the branch of sea shipping, including:
Sea shipping in containers
Full container load FCL – type of shipping when the whole container is rented for one customer.
Less container load LCL – shipping of a small consignment in a container that is rented for several customers.

Sea shipping with trampers
Chartering of vessels – affreightment of the whole ship for transportation.
Part cargo – affreightment of separate ship premises.
  • Rail traffic

Rail transport is on the second place over the world by volume of transported freight and price moderateness. Railway trains are more effective in comparison with other land transport due to the scale and high energy efficiency.
“PA Logistics” LLC arranges rail traffic in containers and covered wagons almost at any country of the world where railway transport is advanced, including Russia, China, the USA, the countries of the CIS, the EU, Southeast Asia and the Pacific Region.
Railway traffic demonstrates its efficiency in comparison with motor transport on conditions that:
- distance to destination is more than 1500 km
- load weight that slips into motor transport exceeds standards allowed on auto-roads
- load volume rather exceeds its weight
- regular motor traffic with the destination is absent
  • Motor transportation

Motor transport is by right considered the most convenient and simple type or shipping from the point of view of traffic process. The main areas of using motor transport are delivery of cargo to ports, railway stations and directly to stores.
Besides booking an auto for delivery to consignee and further load to long-distance transport (sea, railway), “PA Logistics” LLC will provide any additional services on freight consolidation, customs registration, preparation and filling of travel warrants in compliance with such terms of delivery like EXW or FCA.
  • Air transport

Delivery of freight with aircrafts is the most fast and expensive type of freight transportation. The agent who offers services on air delivery should provide not only the best pricing proposal, but also a sufficient experience on exclusion of freight downtime on bonded warehouses. The cost of using air infrastructure is very high, that’s why any downtime may grade all the saving.
“PA Logistics” LLC arranges air delivery of freight almost by any direction where regular air communication exists, several times cheaper than services of express carriers.
  • Freighting of dangerous cargo

Arrangement of freighting of dangerous cargo is a very serious event. Rules violation or use of unlicensed contractors may lead to sad consequences for freight owner, environment and local population.
When arranging freighting of dangerous cargo, our company always verifies normative documents relating to the type of transport that will be used for transportation. Every safety certificate is carefully studied on the subject of specific character of requirements to different types of transportation, transshipment and storage. In cases when documents have ambiguous interpretation, we always obtain the official explanation from officers in charge, because the aim of an agent is not just deliver freight to its destination, but also provide 100% legal security of the client in case of an accident.
  • Transportation of oversized cargo

Any mismatch to standards leads to multiple rise in prices of cargo transportation. Right on this reason experience has the greatest value in the area of oversized cargo, and not the presence of own cargo capacities. This fact is verified when oversized cargo has to be delivered to its destination with several types of transport, in this case experience and non-standard thinking are the deciding factors.
“PA Logistics” LLC always considers transportation of oversized cargo as a unique project that requires an interesting solution. We use all our resources to reduce price of oversized cargo transportation:
- Transportation of oversized cargo on regular container carriers with the use of special containers like Flat Rack and Open Top.
- Transportation of oversized cargo by sea in separately affreighted premises (Part cargo) or deck (On Deck)
- Arrangement of oversized cargo transportation by railway transport, including the development and coordination of fastening configuration, rent of specialized motive power, transshipment of oversized cargo on railway stations.
- Arrangement of transportation of oversized cargo by river transport.
- Arrangement of transportation of oversized cargo by motor transport.

Extreme logistics

Extreme logistics is the process of transportation on territories with aggressive climate, unstable social and economic status, acting international constraints and sanctions, bad or absent infrastructure.
Force majeure situations regularly happen at different parts of our planet. “PA Logistics” LLC realizes that delivery of goods to such regions is necessary for people who are there. Here we see not just a possibility to earn money and verify our professional skills, but also realize our social responsibility.