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Преимущества почасовой оплаты работы программиста – №22

Advantages of Hourly Payment of Work for Programmers

You were offered a vacancy of programmer with piece-work payment? Think twice before getting this job.
A proficient programmer knows that such type of official duties as creating software or web-programming requires a lot of efforts and skills, and one project can take months or even years before it gets ready for selling. Even if the initial task is not difficult and solid, during the development process some new add-ons can appear, and you can stay without salary for a long period of time, if you choose piece-work type of payment. It’s not rational variant for programmer’s job because it includes not only strictly-defined duties, but also requires creative approach and detailed study of multiple alternate solutions.
As experience has shown piece-work payment brings a worker to carry out his charge in a hurry wishing to earn more. This fact usually adversely affects the quality of results. Wishing to earn more is natural for a human, but software is not a result of conveyor production, and it can be created by conveyor principle. Each project requires individual solutions.
A self-respecting software company must take care about its employees and provide them with favorable conditions for working. With respect to programmers such conditions include hourly payment that has the following advances:
1. Guaranteed stability of salary - a programmer doesn’t risk staying without money. Each person has its own financial obligations that require regular payment. So employees are not interested in financial risk.
2. Higher quality of end products - a programmer has enough time for improvements and bug recovery.
3. The higher staff solidarity and orientation on general commercial result instead of individual success. It’s very important in programming sphere because software is created by a team of developers, not only one specialist.

Of course such type of payment can cause several problems for employer as well as for employee. For example, the unproductive worker decreases commercial profit, working ineffectively, and sometimes its difficult to track his effectiveness. But this problem can be solved by setting reliable control system. The employer needs to select personnel carefully, choosing the hourly payment system. But this factor is important in both payment system, so it worth attention in both cases.
Choosing hourly payment for programmers is due to specific character of this profession, and it is more preferable for gaining high-quality results in this sphere.