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Will we go there by car?

Hi, John M Bryant! I've added you to my favourites and I really want to get connected with you! So here's my light letter to you) Hope you find it well and you answer it asap))) and let me know I wasn't mistaken in my choice ;-)
It's summertime! The best time for vacations! Best time to travel and enjoy life! And I'm here, surfing internet at home... And what I found-an interesting article! It says that married people (or couples who date for a long time) should go to vacation apart. And here are the reasons why:
1. Everybody needs time to be with oneself, collect your thoughts and as they say - to think about life. This is best done away from home and away from all the problems.
2. All the time you can devote to yourself only. Manicure, massage, try some extreme sport! (what would you chose to do?)
3. So you can check your partner's feelings and emotions, how strong they are. In addition, there is a perception that separation can fix the relationship. You can miss your partner!
4. The first meeting after the holiday will be like a first date. New emotions, a lot of impressions, etc. This could ignite even more fire in the relationship. You can fill your relationship with new feelings.

And what do you think about all of this? Would you prefer to go on vacation by your own, with your best friends, with me or stay home???

Will we go there by car???)))

Tell me how you usually spend vacations! And where?
Kiss you))

Beautiful and wise words

Hello dear PHILIP!!!
Yesterday I found on the internet is very beautiful and wise words. And would like to share with you...

The sage said that true love is like a ghost: all talk about it, but few have seen it. True love we can not see, we can only feel it with heart and soul.
I know that your love may be strong, I know that with your loved one, you can feel each other , know that you will be faithful to her . Adored your Nymph, and remember that the one who loves you should be protected.
Another wise man said that love is multifaceted. She does not have a name, age and gender. It simply exists in a loving heart. And no matter how much you love, the main thing - you just love.
The third wise man said that giving love, you get her back, denying it, you are depriving yourself of forces. Because love, whatever it may be, is a gift from Heaven, which should be protected.
Take care and love those who love you ...

I hope reading my letter was interesting to you dear.

From Ukraine with love Yana

P.S. Would you want to love and be loved is still alive your soul?


Hello dear PAULO!!!
Every person has his own fad....Yes?

To be honest.....My fad is really good quality shoes!
Good shoes, accordingly, requires good care. Through the many experiments, I find out that, the best way to care for my shoes is my mom's face cream...lol...(by the way, very expensive)!!! This morning, mom found out about my discovery....I had a phone call from her today... To go back home a little bit scary for me.....I think maybe to stay at my cousin today?....
I don’t know what to do? How to calm my mom?

May be you have some ideas? Tell me, please!

From Ukraine with love
A little scared

P.S. Do you have any fads?


Hello dear,…!!!

Today I've read in magazine that...
Dancers, models, stewardesses - the most sexy women's professions on man opinion.
Very curious! Yes? Do you have any suggestions why so?

Sure I want to be attractive to you!)) So, let's think...

I have seasickness. Stewardesses not suitable))))....
Model is not for me because of my height))....
So...left only dancer!)))) Not bad.

What do you think, what kind of dance I need to learn? What do you like? I'm with pleasure become a dancer for you!

Well, now all depends only depends only on your decision....do not delay!!!

From Ukraine with love

The main 7%

Hello dear, PAULO!!!
How are you today?
I found out one interesting fact about relations today.

When a man approaches a woman for the first time....
55% of attention she turns on his appearance and body language.
38% on his way of talking and only
7% woman turns on his words.

Is this useful information for you? For me it is unexpectedly. Are you agree with that research?
Now I think that 7% can be decisive!!!

So, what do you want say to me at our first meeting? What would be your first words?

From Ukraine with love

P.S. By the way, what do you usually whispering in woman's ear?

Colors of love

Hello dear,… !!!

Today I found out that....

In his book "Colors of Love" psychologist John Alan Lee considered varieties of romantic love. He compares love with the color wheel. There are three basic colors, and there are three basic styles of love. He called them in Greek - Eros, Storge and Ludos:

1) Eros - love for the ideal partner.
2) Ludos - love as a game.
3) Storge - love as friendship.

Lee also suggested that the three primary colors can be mixed to create additional colors. The result is a nine varieties of love.

But nevertheless, I think that love has never ending amount of color variations! Are you agree with me?

So, I want to ask you, .....
Are you ready to draw with me a picture of our love???
Do you want to colorize world around us in never ending amount of color variations???

Your loving painter

Night work

Hello dear,… !!!

Last summer I worked in McDonalds. And often I was working at night. That's why in morning my mind wasn't absolutely clear.
One morning I've come home from work and, before going to bed, decided to drink a cup of tea. I went to kitchen and start to search teapot in the refrigerator. I was searching for a long time before understood that the teapot must be on the stove. So, I took teapot, brewed tea and.....put the teapot in the refrigerator....lol.....where is the logic..........
What do you think about female logic? Have you ever made illogical actions?

From Ukraine with love

P.S. What would you do if you find me in your fridge? lol
      You can answer my in chat!

Walking on coals

Hello, PAULO!!!
What are you doing today?

As for me, I like different interesting facts about all around. So, today I find out that.....

Men love to cook barbecue on the coals. Do you? This is explained by the fact that....
Any action become very interesting for man, if it is connected with danger!
Well, if that is true, woman must be dangerous to turn your attention?

So, is that true in your opinion? Do you like danger?

From Ukraine with love

P.S. What dangerous actions would you like to do with me? Let's talk about that in chat!

How to open?

Good time of day, !!!

Do you like outdoor recreation in a tent away from civilization?
I like very much! And my friends fortunately too!

You know, I was thinking about summer and find one interesting story in my mind.

So, ones our friendly cheerful company went on the banks of the picturesque river very far from the city. We were going to stay there for two days. We took some sandwiches, bread and many different tinned goods........
Oh, that was the great evening!!!!!!! With such amazing sunset!!!
Later we were sitting around the fire playing guitar and singing songs.
Twinkling stars and shining fool moon was on a deep night sky. We was very hungry and planned to eat something, than went to swim in the night river. But......what a huge surprise!!!!!
We have no already sandwiches and no tin-opener.......ooooooops.
My friends know some ways to open tin can, like
* knife
* spoon
* rubbing against a stone
but unfortunately, we have only plastic ware and no stones around! So sad!!!
We were hungry and with a bad mood at first......but than forget all and went to swim.........naked.

This is my story))))
And do you know how to open tin can without opener?

From Ukraine with love

P.S. If we were a couple in the wild, would you have found a way to feed me?

Is 15 minutes enough for you?

Hello gentleman, !!!

How is your day going?
I decided to write to you now, despite my tiredness today.
I feel you can cheer me up)))))
This day I spent very actively, that’s why this evening I decided to devote to rest.
Nothing can not relax me better than the warm bath and nice music. I can spend hours in such way, to lay and to rest. Reading books or magazines.
People often sing songs in bathroom. Do you often sing in shower?
Do you like such kind of rest? Or some minutes in shower is enough for you?
I'd like to talk to you about that. That's why I'm waiting for your answer.
From Ukraine with love

P.S. Is 15 minutes enough for you???

I want take off my clothes!

Hello dear,… !!!

Spring is coming soon in my city!!!)))))) Hooray!!!!!!!
I look forward to take off my clothes and show my body for the first spring sunrays!)))

Sure at first I need to get new clothes. But for me shoes are the most important part of my look! That's why I decided to choose  shoes primarily!

But now I have some troubles....I hope you can help me!)))
It seems to me that you have a good taste! Isn't so? Oh, sure you have!!!
I want to ask you....please help me to choose which one of shoes fits me better? You can see both at my pic. What do you think? Better simple black or funny stripes???

Oh! I am tormented by the choice!!! Be my rescuer!!!!!
It is not complicate you???

Treasure for you,

Hello my sweet adventurist!!!

I have one very serious question to you and one very interesting offer!!!
Be very careful!!!!!!!

May be you have thoughts, what I want to ask you????.............Have you??????..........

Are you very intrigued now???.................

Well.....I want to ask you..........Do you like movies about pirates and adventur...