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Письма об украинских традициях на английсом. – №2

Interesting UKRAINIAN tradition

Hello dear PAULO!!!
I know that In USA and Canada will celebrate Thanksgiving Day soon. Thre no such holliday in Ukraine and we celebrate Christmas much later. But in Ukraine we have Saint Nicholas day. I would like to tell you about this holiday. And hope you like my tale.

Saint Nicholas (Sviatyi Mykolai) is one of the most popular saints of the church. Legends of his charity, especially toward children, and of miracles associated with him, soon spread throughout Europe. In Ukraine the cult of St. Nicholas was probably introduced by Metropolitan Iefrem, to whom a popular manuscript on the miracles of St. Nicholas is attributed. According to chronicles a church in St. Nicholas's honor had already been built in Kyiv during the reign of Prince Igor.

In Ukrainian folk tradition there are two figures known as. One, ’warm Nicholas’, was celebrated in the spring, on 22 May, and the other ’old Nicholas’ was commemorated in the winter, on 19 December. The warm Nicholas was considered to be the patron saint of agriculture. He was said to walk the land, examining the sown fields, ’drying places over-damp, and dampening those over-dry’ after the winter. On the festival, householders would lead their horses into the fields for the first night’s grazing, shear sheep, and sow buckwheat. St. Nicholas was called upon to protect livestock from wolves, and his name frequently appeared in shepherds' prayers. He was also a patron of youth, particularly of orphans and poor girls. The latter he was said to assist in preserving their chastity and in seeking a husband.

According to folk tradition the old Nicholas brought the first snow by shaking his beard. He was considered the patron of spinning, and yarns and thread were often brought to church on his festival 'to add to his beard'. In Ukraine gifts were given to children on the eve of St. Nicholas's day. Parents lay down small gifts: sweets, toys for children under the pillow.

St. Nicholas often appears in carols and legends. In Ukraine icons with his image were greatly cherished and found in virtually every home. His icon was also placed in an important position in iconostases, usually flanking Jesus, the Mother of God, or the patron saint of the church.

That is all))) I hope you were interested in reading my letter. Do you like this tradition? Would you like to celebrate this holiday, when you marry a girl from the Ukraine?

From Ukraine with love, Yana


Welcome to Ukrainian wedding

Hello PAULO,
Do you know what interesting and unusual traditions accompany the Ukrainian wedding?
Then read on .....
I have a very good friend. We are familiar with her from school. Now she is a happy wife and mother of two wonderful children. Her family life is an example for me. Over the weekend, she invited me to her house. We sat in the kitchen, drinking tea and talking. Word for word, we began to remember their wedding day on which I was a witness.

There is a tradition in our country to steal her shoe bride. Someone in a shoe can take off and hide. If the witnesses have not noticed, the master of wedding celebrations, we call it a "toastmaster". He comes up with different witnesses for humiliating))) contests that guests will not be bored.

Sly and mocking guests contrived often steal the bride shoes, so we're pretty tired with the witness of various silly contests. But one of the competitions still made ??me laugh, probably because it only made ??fun of a witness, I also stayed on the sidelines. So ....
First has to be noted that at first glance like a witness to Stas, during the celebration, he showed me signs of attention, but I remained impregnable. As he was glad when it started the next contest .....
They put me on the bench, spread out in different fruit "interesting" places and put a grape in his mouth. The witness was blindfolded and hands-free, mouth piece it all. BUT ...... as soon as he was blindfolded, put in my place bride's brother, the health of such an unshaven guy)))))))

The witness was blindfolded and hands-free, mouth piece it all . BUT ...... as soon as he was blindfolded , put in my place bride 's brother , the health of such an unshaven guy) ))) ))) Witness Stas very diligently and carefully picked fruit with shaking with laughter male body . And he could not understand why all the guests are dying of laughter ! When he opened his eyes , the witness almost fainted ..... probably from happiness))))) And all subsequent evening went with a very thoughtful person. I think it was his first experience of such a close "talk" another man ))))

Well, how do you like my story??
You have supported the Ukrainian tradition, if married me a girl from the Ukraine?

I look forward to an answer ....