Becoming A Great Time-Manager With Outlook

Becoming A Great Time-Manager With Outlook

An Outlook made to be a feature helping you inthe fieldof timemanagement. Ifyou owna business, oryou area remoteworkeror afreelancer,you needto be able toproperly manageyour time.An Outlookcan becomethe reliable companion helping you to organize your time, butyou canuse it with fullefficiency onlyif you arethe managerof yourowntime. So, let's talk aboutthe simplerulethat mighthelpyou in someorganization questions.

Forget About Message Reminders

The two-minuteruleis usefulforthe emails, notificationsand allother distractingfactors. To increaseyour productivity, turn off allthe notifications duringthe workingday.You can leavethe remindersin caseyou have manytasks todo andnot to forget duringyour usualworking day. But considerthat the newphoto of your friendon Facebookis notthe mostimportant thingyou should check during the working day. The same is true about some emails containing non-emergency tasks. Even is the email contains some words like urgent, immediate, it doesn't mean you should drop everything else to solve the problem of the sender. The reason is simple: you have a mobile phone available in case of real emergencies. Or the personal meetings. Emails can wait.

Also, checking emails is a very tricky thing. Check an email and answer it during 10 minutes. But then open up an Instagram or Reddit and check the updates for two hours because why not. And it's really hard to fight this computer procrastination, even if you really love your job and have a lot of things to do. So, to avoid this, you might schedule some time during which you will check some emails, answer it and forgetabout it.The perfecttime forthis isthe morningafteryou justwoke up. Duringyour breakfast, you can answer the emailsand thenforget about itfor the wholeday.

Track Your Time

Also, it is essentialto track your timeand giveyourself abreak after every 45 minutes. This willfreshen up your mind and keepyou runningthe longdistance. Well, if you work on your own this seems very simple to implement. But many self-employed people find it hard to organize their own day. All people are lazy, yes, me too as well as you. Thus, we need to use our tiny helpers like smartphones, timers,and applications. Only the proper organization will help you to live your life efficiently. Ok, now let's switch to how an Outlook can help us on a daily basis.

Some Features Of An OutlookYou Should KnowAbout

An Outlook has numerous featureswhen it comes to the propertime management. For example, set an automatic creation of to-do lists. This can be made easily, by setting up an automatic rule. You can find this option in the Outlook settings and then setit up.

The second important thingfor the project managersis that you canorganizeyour calendarand make itavailableto anyonefrom your project.You can share all the data you'd like to share thus breaking the boundaries of the corporative hierarchy. Seems to be very convenient in case you need to speed up the working process, huh?

Also, the set of rules possible to set up automatically opens up the new horizons. For example, the emails can be grouped automatically according to the sender, topic or contents. With this feature, you will be free from grouping your messages on your own.

For people who really need logging, an Outlook journal is available, It creates and keeps the records belonging to the particular contacts automatically. It tracks some emails, sent files, and messages, creates notifications. You can search all the information you need anytime.


The really good thing is that all the features are totally free and built-in the basic completion of an Outlook. You don't need to install any additional features and applicationsto keep on track. Usingsome featureslikeakrutosyncyou can synchronize allyour emailsand features as well.

About an author

TimMendels,worksas acustomer support representative in Akruto for 5 years, and he really needs to organize his day. He deals with the endless client's claims and questions successfully, because he is a skillful time-manager with the smartphone. Organize yourself like Tim does!