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The importance of meditation – №4

The importance of meditation in our lives – changes for the better

How often do you allow yourself to rest? We are not talking about various kinds of entertainment, such as watching TV shows, movie shows, parties, tourism and other activities, which are rather a means of distraction from the existing reality, and therefore create the illusion of relaxation. When your attention is occupied with any activity that causes you positive emotions, you forget for a while not only about your problems, but also about yourself in General.
Of course, it is sometimes necessary to change the situation, to get away from everyday worries for a while. However, if entertainment takes up most of Your free time, it may mean a hidden desire to get away from the current problems in Your life. By avoiding important issues, you only complicate Your life situation.
How much time do You devote to yourself? Asking this question, I want to draw Your attention to the fact that it is then that You show true love for yourself and care for your life. Ask yourself, how often do You stay alone with yourself, in silence, stopping the endless flow of thoughts and plunging into a state of serenity and peace? This special state is called meditation.
Daily meditation for a few minutes has a significant impact on a person's life. Given the huge number of stressors in the modern world, as well as the frenzied pace of life, we simply need a means to strengthen the nervous system and resist the negative emotional background of the environment. And this means is meditation. It not only helps to reduce stress and anxiety, but also helps to lead a more conscious lifestyle.

What are the benefits of meditation for the body?

Meditation makes changes on the physical level - every cell of the body is filled with prana. When the level of prana in the body increases, you begin to sparkle with overflowing joy. It is natural to instill the habit of meditation in our body. Some people call this the highest state of consciousness. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar calls it natural, because we are all endowed with the ability to live in this state. Daily practice of meditation, firstly, protects your body from the penetration of stress; secondly, at the same time cleanses the body of already accumulated stress.
Benefits of daily meditation practice:

  • helps to get rid of accumulated stress and prevents its occurrence
  • a state of happiness and satisfaction becomes natural

  • increases the sensitivity of all the senses (thus becoming subtler vision, hearing, smell, taste, etc.)
  • improves intuition
  • you can control your anger

  • improves the ability to make the right decisions

With the inclusion of meditation in your daily life

  • the fifth state of consciousness is awakened, called cosmic (in this state of consciousness, the whole world is perceived as part of itself, part of a single whole)
  • when we accept the whole world as a part of us, love flows freely between the world and us (love is not an emotion, but a state of being. This is not an emotional melodrama expressed through the expression of tenderness, but our very existence)
  • this love gives us the strength to cope with the burden of problems and anxieties in life
  • anger and frustration become fleeting emotions that arise for a moment and quickly disappear

During meditation, you return to your essence, observe yourself and your thoughts. Much attention is paid to the breath, body, external and internal sensations. In Buddhism, there are also certain concepts concerning posture, breathing techniques, and special verbal formulations called mantras. The latter are not necessary, but if you find it difficult to stop the flow of thoughts, mantras spoken to yourself can be of invaluable help.

Purification of the soul

Meditation is like taking a bath to wash your mind. You can take a shower in the morning to clean your body, and then go about your daily routine. You don't need to shower again and again all day. In the same way, you meditate and calm your mind, and then engage in your daily activities. It is not easy to remain unaffected by everyday life, but with regular practice of meditation it becomes easier.

Reach your full potential through meditation

Every cell in your body has the capacity to contain infinity. The worm also eats, sleeps, then wakes up and shows some activity. But it doesn't make sense for us to live the same life. You must use all the potential that nature has given you.
The combination of knowledge, understanding, and practice makes life whole. When you grow to higher States of consciousness, you feel that you no longer lose your inner balance from the impact of various situations and troubles. You are filled with beauty and strength at the same time-a fragile, delicate and beautiful blooming flower that can certainly accept and accommodate a variety of life values. For the spiritual seeker in you, meditation is a way to go beyond your body and mind to experience the deeper aspects of your being.
Why is it recommended to meditate daily? During the day, there are many events of different significance and emotional color that affect our mood, well-being, and attitude. Meditation allows you to get rid of the emotional burden of the past day, restore vitality and energy. In addition, by practicing meditation for a long time, you will be able to better understand yourself, your feelings and emotions, and the motives of your actions.
Personal experience of meditation shows that this practice can also bring benefits, even if you do it from time to time. On a regular basis, it is much more effective and appropriate, and is one of the best tools for developing stress resistance, maintaining emotional stability and finding harmony with yourself.
Full-fledged meditation is impossible without proper accompaniment. Even experienced gurus claim that the background affects the productivity of meditation. Use an app that will allow you to get 100% results from your inner feelings.