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Рерайт статей на английском на тему веб-дизайна. – №43

Color Notes
Keep your online and offline image consistent. Be consistent with your use of logos, corporate colors, and other marketing collateral associated with your company.
Choose your background and font colors carefully. Using backgrounds that are too busy obscure your text and do not provide a pleasant viewing experience for your visitors. Only certain colors show up properly on certain backgrounds. A light background with dark text is easiest on the eyes.
White text displays best on black backgrounds, and black text is most readable on white backgrounds. Of course, you can use other color schemes, but choose your scheme carefully, as mentioned. There is nothing worse than a Web site that is unreadable. Also, be mindful that some people might print pages from your site. If you incorporate a large amount of your text into the actual graphics on your site, the text might be difficult to read when printed. Also, graphic-intensive sites load more slowly. If you have to incorporate text content into your graphics, be sure that it is sensible to do so.
Use the default colors for links whenever possible. Blue text usually indicates an unvisited link. Purple, maroon, or darker blue usually represents a link you have visited, and red is the color of an active link. It should not be difficult for visitors to identify your links. If you decide not to use the default colors, your links should be emphasized in a consistent manner through font size, font style, or underlines.

1. How to choose the right colour spectrum for your Web-site? (Рерайт)
If you really want to create a winning web-site then you should be steadfast with your real image and e-image. It means that it is better to use the same colours, symbols and other impedimenta of your company.
The first thing to do is to select a colour for a background. The most successful variant is a light background and dark font colours. This combination is good for the eyes, and moreover it makes the text more readable.
You should also bother about good quality of a printed text. It must be free of graphics that can prohibit from easy reaging. There is one more note. If your site has a lot of grafics then it will load not very fast. You know that the visitors don’t like it.
It is very important to mark the links with the default colours. The main colours that may be used here are: blue, dark blue, red and purple. Blue one is an earmark of an uncalled link, purple or dark blue -  of the link you have called, red usually means an active link.

Content Notes
Make your contact information readily available. Consider including contact information on every page. This includes your address, phone and fax numbers, and especially your e-mail address. Make it easy for people to get in touch with you.
Avoid “Under Construction” pages on your site; they are of no value to the visitor. When you have information, post it. Until then, don’t mention it. “Under Construction” can actually hinder your search engine placement with some of the popular search engines and directories. Include security information. Explain to your customers when transactions or exchanges of information on your Web site are secure. This is important if your site will be accepting credit card orders.
Include your privacy policy. Tell people how their personal information (e.g., their name, e-mail address, etc.) will and will not be used. This makes visitors more comfortable submitting inquiries to your site or joining your mail list.
Minimize use of background sounds and autoplay sounds. Some people surf the Web from their office at work and wish to discreetly go from one site to the next. Background sounds and sounds that load automatically can compromise their discreetness. Give your visitors the option of listening to a sound, but do not force it upon them.

2. What you know about the content of a web-site? (Рерайт)
When you deside to create a web-site don’t think that any content will do for it. Of course a good navigation and pleasant colours will be to your visitors’ liking. But it is also very impotant to think over the content of your site and choose the correct character of the text. Firstly, the content of your site should be complete. It must contain real information but not milk and water text. Be sure that your site has the content that is interesting and important for visitors and not only for you. Secondly, the text should be brief. The users don’t prefer to read a great deal of indistinct information. But most of them don’t mind to read a short article. If you want a text to be more readable than include more bulleted lists, headers and make everything that is possible to demarcate the content by sight. Such method of designing will help you to increase attendance of your site. And, finally, a text size shouldn’t be too small and too large. Set it in such a way that it would be easy and pleasant for visitor’s eyes to read it. Don’t use a lot of capitals. It will not look attractive. So, apply all of this rules and your site will be an attended and profitable one.
And several words should be said about sites-sellers. If you sell some products on your site then be sure that every page of your site has contact information. It should be easy for visitors to contact with you. It is obligatory to leave your address, phone and fax numbers, e-mail address, ICQ, Skype or other types of communication. It is important to post security information on your site. People should know when transactions of information are secure. Try to explain customers how you are going to use their personal data. Some people don’t like when their adress or other information goes to different sell-sites or your partners. Don’t use a lot of automatically loading sounds. Visitors will feel embarassed if they sufe the net at working place.

Navigation Notes
Ease of navigation is very important to your site. Provide a navigation bar at a consistent location on every page that links to all of the major pages of your site. Make it easy to get from one page to any other. Search engines can index any page from your site, so your home page might not be the first page visitors come to. Never have dead ends where viewers scroll down a screen or two of information only to find that they must scroll all the way back to the top to move on (because you have no links at the bottom of the page). A consistent-looking and wellpositioned navigation bar with functioning links is the key to efficient site navigation.
Your visitors should be able to get anywhere they want to go on your site in three clicks or fewer. Develop an effective navigation bar as previously described. For very large sites (i.e., sites consisting of more than eight to ten major sections), it is a good idea to include a site map that users can access from any page in your site. Site maps, as shown in Site maps make it easy for users to access the information they are looking for without causing them much frustration. Include a link from your main navigation bar to the site map for the easiest possible reference. Site maps are great for submission to the search engines as they provide links to every page of your Web site ensuring, as much as possible, that every page of your site gets included in the search engines’ database.
An additional feature you might wish to include is an internal search tool. This allows users to enter their query and have all relevant matches returned, based on their query. This is a particularly useful feature if you sell many products directly on your Web site or if your site contains many pages of content. It allows the user to quickly search for the desired item or information using the product’s name or a relevant keyword. Intel, the computer chip manufacturer, operates multiple sites and offers many products and services. To help users locate the information they’re looking for, Intel has integrated a useful search tool. Keep the design of your site consistent. Font types, headers, footers, navigational bars, buttons, bullets, colors, and so on, should be consistent throughout the site to maintain a polished, professional look.

3. Several words about navigation. (Рерайт).
Do you want to have a lot of visiters on your site? Then make a good navigation! It is one of the most important things to do when creating a web-site. It should be easy to get on any page of your site from all the pages. Try to make your site in such a way that it will be possible for search engines to index any page from your site. Then the visitors can come not only to a home page, but to any one. It is not reasonable to make an impasse at the bottom of the page because visitors always expect to find links there. If you really want to have a web-site with affective navigation you need to make a stedfast and welllocated navigation.
It must be easy for visito...