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I miss you in French

If you Miss Somebody So Much, Say Better Tu me Manques, and you’ll See that your Love is Mutual

Je m'ennuie de toi
tu me manques !
French is the language of love. Best love songs are written in it. Best confessions are said in it. And if you want to say I miss you so much, do it in French and say tu me manques.
Sweethearts who want to see a fairy tale, to find themselves in a magic world of eternal love, passion and tenderness go to Paris. There is no place as good as France to express one’s feelings.  Even if you don’t know the language and can’t speak a word, be sure that French songs will help you to say I love you or I miss you in French.
Chimène Badi sings:
Tu me manques déjà
Il suffit de quelques heures
Et la vie me fait peur
Avec tout ces pourquoi
Tu me manques déjà…
If you plan to make a proposal of marriage, choose a place with a romantic atmosphere. There are 7 most popular places in Paris where people are used to doing such things. In fact, there are dozens of similar places, but these seven are often mentioned in fiction and portrayed on post cards.
Pont Marie – bridge of all sweethearts. This bridge was built in XVII century. The first stone was laid by King Louis XIII. The bridge has 5 arches.
Place des Vosges is another romantic place which is located in the quarter of Le Marais. It is a perfectly round square surrounded by ancient buildings. The spirit of tangled amorous affairs still soars there: they say that there lived a courtesan Marion Delorme, which had been celebrated by Victor Hugo.
Notre-Dame de Paris. The story of Quasimodo and Esmeralda is one of the most tragic in the world literature. An ugly hunchback had died but his love stayed alive. Today, chimes of the cathedral still spread their love over Paris.
Saint-Michel fountain is very popular with lovers. It is located on the left bank of the Seine near Notre Dame Cathedral. There one can listen to the music of street musicians and they can even play something especially for you and your sweetheart.  There is a tradition that if you throw a coin into the fountain, you will come back to Paris in the future. On your wedding anniversary, for instance.
Eiffel Tower. It is best to visit it in the evening when millions of lights spark in the night air. You will see a truly magical sight. There is a tradition to make proposals in this place. Thousands of men heard “Yes” right here. Lift to the last floor (it is the top of the tower) and spend a romantic dinner in the restaurant “Jules Verne”. Order sparkling champagne, fresh fragrant fruits, bitter black chocolate and plunge into the enchanting atmosphere of Paris night.
Wall of Love at the underground station Abbes.  It was built in 2000. Since then it is one of the most popular place of all lovers. Millions of dates took place there. You can see love confessions on the wall written in 311 languages:
I love you
Je t’aime
Ich Liebe Dich
Te amo
Ti amo
Eu te iubesc
Аз те обичам
Ik hou van je
Aš tave myliu
Mám ťa rada
Volim te
Jag älskar dig
Seni seviyorum
Kocham cię
And so on. It is a tradition to release white doves, on February, 14.
Pere Lachaise Cemetery is a traditional place of romantically inclined tourists’ pilgrimage. There are graves of the famous philosopher and scholar Abelard and his young pupil Heloise whom he loved. 900 years have passed but people still admire their love and write tiny notes with wishes and requests of eternal love and leave them in the crypt of Abelard and Heloise.