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Minimum deposit $10
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Some info about OlympTrade

Olymp Trade - is a new word in the Russian binary options market. We have established the company that meets the highest requirements of our customers. In Olymp Trade all stages of trade are as simple as possible, while the entry threshold is lowered to a record amount - $10. This is an important step that allows even beginners to proceed immediately to transactions and to receive their first profit. Our main task is to make a significant contribution to the development of binary options market in Russia, and since our early startup we have been putting these ideas into practice.
For binary options trading we offer the web-terminal of our own original design: without "pending", failures and errors. It has been developed with the involvement of the programmers with years of experience in innovative services development. Quotes come directly from major providers of market liquidity such as financial portal .
We provide our customers with 24/7 technical support via online chat on the company's website. Outstanding feature of Olymp Trade is that only professional experts with the experience in financial markets shall answer the questions. Thus, traders can count on expert advice.
You can always find the actual analytics on our site . Interactive section presents the latest economic data collected in handy calendar, trading signals, market surveys and comments on technical analysis. The uniqueness of this service is that all the information is adapted by the Olymp Trade experts for exactly binary options trading.
Our experts have developed a simple and clear system of interactive training. Thanks to it you will not only learn what binary options are, but will also learn how to make transactions with them and choose the best tool for trading.
We are constantly working to improve the service as well as upon the new technological developments which make binary options trading more convenient, affordable and profitable.

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in the European Bank

General Risk Disclosure: Olymptrade is an online platform for binary options trading. Binary options’ trading brings a high level of income from investments, but is also associated with the possibility of losing your investment. We recommend to get acquainted with the terms and conditions of trade, presented on our site, before you start trading. Olymptrade is a trading platform that operates online. All the decisions shall be made by traders on their own, and we assume no responsibility for them.

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