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We are familiar with the services offered by webcallback.com where a user can enter onto a website their phone number, and their systems will dial the customers phone number, and dial our phone number and conference them automatically at a rate of 13c/minute.

Our problem with this is not just the cost of 13c/minute, but that there is no interface beteween their systems and my telephone system queue/ACD/call holding groups. They dont know when we're ready for a new call or when the customers just going to hold, esentially it's just the same thing as the customer calling our 800# and holding. We need a system that will allow the customer to receive the phone call only when we are ready.

We want to find a way to actually dial the calls by using two or more paid softphone pc services such as vonage.com's softphone (preferred), or by using one or more modems connecting land line standard telephone lines (vonage lines).

Using either three way calling services or two phone lines conferenced/paired we need to trigger the system to:

Dial the customers phone # in queue.
Dial our local phone number.

I'm sure this automated dialing can be accomplished through some companies soft phone API documentation (doesnt need to be vonage.com, if you have any recommendations). If not perhaps we can use multiple sound cards, audio in and out manipulation, etc. Quality is a concern and should be taken into consideration.

We need to trigger the system to take the next call waiting in queue. Simplisitically, we can just create a web interface that displays the calls that are pending and how long they've been waiting, etc, and trigger each call to be delivered through a web interface manually when we are ready for a new call.

*** Or ***, ideally I have different analog method. Currently our phone system uses analog digital announcers to tell the customer when they are holding "please continue holding, we will be with you shortly..." intermittently every minute between hold music. These digital announcers (an example of a simple digital announcer is here: http://www.phonemerchants.com/vikev1emvoic.html) plays this greeting every time the line to them is dialed (which the phone system automatically dials into periodically in queue). When the digital announcer is dialed and is playing its recording to the telephone line the content of the audio on the digital announcer can also be heard through the external telephone jack line connected to it. We can connect that to a modem and have the modem listen in for the audio being played (or most likely a off hook tone). When there is a period of 2 minutes when the audio is NOT played a call can be triggered. (when their is no digital announcer activity, there are no calls in the ACD call holding queue.)

If that is too complicated (expensive) we can fall back on the former method (web interface) for triggering a new call.

The system should be able to handle 2 or more simultaneous. telephone conferences, preferably more depending on performance. If it is thought a modem implementation for the dial-out calling would make better use of hardware resources for more simultaneous connections (EASILY over using softpc with good hardware) I dont have a problem with that (connecting several modems to one computer).

the web features we require are all that will enable us to have a customer enter their phone number on a website requesting a call back either generically or with specific product interest/notes attached and put into a queue for call back.

we have multiple departments such as sales, customer service, billing, consutling, etc. so the web application needs to support multiple departments. IE. The "sales" department will call our local phone # 718-555-1111 whereas the "customer service" department will call our local phone # 718-555-2222, thus connecting them with the different departments.

we need to be able to actively view and maintain the que; removing users from queue, force ending calls, adding notes, etc. the system should keep track and log all dialed calls, time spent-duration. we need to be able to block certain phone numbers, area codoes, or prefixes from being dialed
должна использоваться система http://www.asterisk.org ее нужно будет установить на локальный сервер клиента
500$ 15-17 дней, оплата по завершении и исправлеии всех багов.
выберу сегодня-завтра..

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