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Would like a clone or similar application as in the following softwares:


Must automatically defeat CAPTCHA. Must include friend adder, mass commenter, mass event, and if possible, mass mailing.

You must provide a working demo of this application to us to be considered for this project.

Need to own copyrights and license. Must be ready for distibution. Create PAD file. Would prefer feature limited demo version, and full version for
purchase. Any questions, open a PMB.

идея такая
MySpace™ uses CAPTCHA to verify that a human user is present when friend requests are being sent. We provide an option that currently bypasses CAPTCHA
which involves sending a blank message to a blank account. For some reason this clears CAPTCHA and lets our program continue. We cannot guarantee how long
this will last, but at the current time, it is a great way to bypass.

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2) Сурсы естественно после работы надо предоставлять

3) Надо работать быстро