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Create a website which is almost exactly the same layout as youtube. Except instead of a video player, it will be a music player. The website is for unsigned bands to register, create there band profile inwhich they can upload 3 band pictures, band information and 5 tracks. The player must be able to play all forms of music. People who visit the site can listen to the individual songs by searching from a band drop down menu on the main page, exatcly like youtubes video search. If a guest wishes to comment on a track, they must register. Although not the same registration process as an unsigned band. When clicking register, a page will show asking if they are a guest or and unsigned band. A band will be able to register to the site for 6 months, if they do not renew there account after recieveing an email stating there account is about to expire, it will automatically be deleted. At the launch of the site we're doing it for free so i must be able to turn the payment on eventually, paypal or google will be the easiest payment method at this time. Everyone seems to be using google these days, this must all be fully automated. Im looking for a professional job and for it to run as smoothly as youtube.

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