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Author(s): Lucy Stone and Henry B. Blackwell .
Date of Publication:(if unavailable, give Date Accessed) May 1, 1855 . .
Title & Subtitle: 1 Marriage Protest of Lucy Stone and Henry B. Blackwell .
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Publisher:(publishing house or organization, etc.)Quoted in T. W. Higginson, "Marriage of Lucy Stone Under Protest,"The Liberator (Boston, Massachusetts),vol. 25, no.18 (Whole no. 1085) (May 4,1855), p. 71.
Working Website URL:(copy and paste)http://www.historyisaweapon.com/defcon1/stoneblackwellmarriageprotest.html
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Henry Browne Blackwell (May 4, 1825 September 7, 1909) was an American advocate for social and economic reform.
Lucy Stone (13 August 1818 18 October 1893) was an American social activist and suffragette.
What Author(s) Did:
Research Methods (interview, survey, database analysis, lived experience, etc.) - lived experience
Author(s) Research Question(s) - marriage should be an equal and permanent partnership
Authors(s) Sources/Evidence - lived experience, personal marriage experience
What Author(s) Found:
Author(s) 3 Main Points/Arguments equal rights in marriage, respect for the partner, freedom for the wife to have a choice.
Authors(s) Findings/Insights/Discussion/Conclusions married partners should provide against the radical injustice of present laws, by every means in their power (p.1)
Findings/Ideas/Insights That Struck You:
"The legal existence of the wife is suspended during marriage," (p.1), well I think that is wrong and unacceptable in our modern community.
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Findings/ Insights/ Conclusions:
I think they did a great job starting talking about women rights in mens` society and about the place which a woman ought to have along with the man.