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Оригинальный промо-текст (e-commerce) – №8

Have you ever wondered, what makes a business successful?

Obviously, one of the major goals of any enterprise is revenue generation. There are numerous factors that influence this process, but one of the most important components of it is the size of your audience. The more people you offer your product or service, the more potential customers you get. And, of course, in present times the biggest pool of prospective clients in the Internet.

If only a couple of years ago marketing on the Internet was just a nice option for a business, today it can not be ignored neither by huge international corporations nor by small to medium sized narrowly targeted businesses. In modern informational society and business environment access to the Internet audience and recognition by it can be crucial for company’s survival and further development.

Above that, nowadays the Internet is one of the most effective advertising platforms. Its role in success of both online and offline enterprises can hardly be overestimated. There’s probably no other kind of media, where you can get so precisely targeted and effective advertising, which also shows its results after such a short term, other than the Internet.

If you’re new to Russian market or want to expand your business further into Russian part of the Internet, we are glad to offer you our Internet marketing services.

Our company will guide you through all stages of the Internet marketing campaign – from creation of your website through its promotion and advertising to establishing contact with your customers and/or partners. We have substantial experience in this field and only use clear and transparent techniques, so you can be sure about the effectiveness and validity of our services.

Firstly, we will help you to create a highly functional and user-friendly website, which will allow you to effectively work with your customers and business partners, and thus develop your business. On your web pages you can describe all the advantages of your products, services and/or business propositions and easily guide your visitors to help them find whatever they might be interested in.

However, today it is not enough to just create a great website. Since there are so many of them, you need to let people know about your site, and not only a few people, but as many as possible. This is where promotion comes into play.

Promotion of a site is a very important and absolutely necessary, yet very complex process. It consists of many variables, and precise balance between them can be reached only by a team of skilled professionals. It directly influences the sales volume, since the more people know about you and visit your website, the more potential customers you get.

A great thing about the Internet marketing is that many of its components are easily traceable, so you have the opportunity to closely control your return on investment and decide what steps to take next.

After a certain point of the promotion campaign you’re going to be surprised to see how your sales grow, since the more people know about you and like you, the more people you attract every day, and your sales grow exponentially (this is called “self-reinforcing market position”). And since the Internet as a whole, and particularly its Russian part, grows in unbelievable paces, the growth rate of your business can exceed even your most audacious predictions. 

Our company offers you the widest variety of Internet marketing services. We have an individual approach to every one of our clients, which allows us to determine what strategy and techniques are most efficient in a particular situation or for a particular market segment and effectively work our way through the promotion campaign. We’re going to be honored to work with you in the field of Internet marketing and help you open new horizons for your business in our country.