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Global Market (www.GM.VC) is a System that aims to combine big and small online stores.

If you ask an experienced entrepreneur that the main thing in business, then he will answer: "Mathematics".
In today's world, more and more trading companies are not limited to the traditional way of selling their products and resort to trade through the online stores. The obvious advantages of an online store is:
• for companies — the opportunity to save on retail space and wages of personnel;
• for customers — an opportunity to get full details and to compare them with other characteristics;
• receive information about discounts, sales and other promotions;
• the opportunity to explore the range, place your order online and home delivery at any time of the day or night.
• no restrictions from the point of view of the geographical position;
The provision of such services on such sites due to the presence of a variety of specialized services:
• connected payment system;
• communication with the accounting program to synchronize stock and automatic updating of prices;
• availability in the online store functionality of the quote (if price depends on quantity, packing etc. parameters) and delivery.
In addition, any online store contains a wide (or relatively wide) list of goods and services. Therefore, its distinctive feature should be simplicity and convenience in navigating product catalogs, there should not be a situation when a user orders a product that is not in stock or has long been removed from the catalog - all this implies a well thought-out and competently constructed system!
When developing an online store should be given great attention to the security of information users and businesses. The development team should have the proper qualifications and experience, and planners interacting with designers - to make the user want to use the services of this particular online store.
Many beginner Internet traders believe that the most difficult thing in an online store is to create it from a technical point of view, but unfortunately, this is not so, not only the development of the store itself is a laborious work.
• Automation of product updates;
• Interaction with suppliers;
• Competent staff;
• Logistics;
• Advertising;
• SEO Promotion.
And this is not the whole list of challenges that await the novice owners of online shops. But the whole trade is rapidly heading in the online space, and how to be a small business that simply can not cope with all this?
GM.VC  - Is a system that is able to solve all the above tasks and not only... Based on years of experience, we have created a project that aims to change the usual understanding about Internet shopping!
• Introduction.
• The cryptocurrency market.
• The decision.
- How does the Global Market?
- For businessmen.
• The market.
- market Leaders.
• Analysis of competitors.
-  Statistics.
• Global Market Upload.
- the Program for offline updates, stock/prices of goods on the website.
Technologies integration with the blockchain.
- Base
- Integration
- API examples
- Translation into languages
- Sources
Being a dentist, a miner, a developer, or a businessman, you spend time, experience and even luck to achieve their goals. As a result, you always get new knowledge.
Every day tens of millions of people trying to open your own business, promote a brand, or just test. According to the statistics 95% of online stores in the first year, for various reasons, forced to close. Of the remaining percentage, only a small overcomes the next 12 months. And the reason is not only competition, but first and foremost of the many barriers to entrepreneurs. Before the advent of the blockchain, there was no technology allowing to change this situation. In the end, the big companies created a monopoly, in which new and medium stores have to unload the entire range of its product in the aggregators of these companies.
Online aggregator is the mediator between the seller and the final buyer. The sites accumulate product offerings of different sellers and present them in a catalog format, where the user can select, using different filters. Earnings aggregators, as a rule, is the percentage of the transaction amount (e.g., 5% of the value of the goods), and the value of special placements (for example, providing ads in the search, lifting them to a top position in the results).
The untwisted aggregators prefer to work with specific (large companies), which, due to the huge turnover, are able to generously reward publishers of the untwisted aggregator with the goal not to admit new competitors to the market.
Our team knows exactly what new and small entrepreneurs want.
Since 2014, we are working on the Global Market project. We have a clear technical task, a friendly team consisting of:

  • C#;
  • C++;
  • .Net Framework;
  • MySQL;
  • MS SQL server;
  • Php
  • Html+Css
  • Ajax;
  • JavaScrpt;
  • Jquery;
  • Visual Studio 2015;
  • Aptana studio;

System administrators and developers, and the output of dozens of own desktop programs, thousands of lines of its own unique code, in aggregate which are the basis for GM.
Currently, we are developing a marketplace for the Global Market Working system, a system based on blockchain, and smart contracts. GMVC token will be the only currency on the Global Market. This does not mean that customers will not be able to use another currency if they wish, they can naturally, but after exchanging a GMVC token. After reading this document, you will have an idea of ​​how we create a new online economy with a GMVC token.
The cryptocurrency market.
Along with the development of Internet trade, the cryptocurrency market is also thriving. Although currently, nobody gives forecasts of market development of virtual money, the numbers clearly indicate that the demand for cryptocurrencies is growing rapidly. Despite the fact that the market value of each currency varies (due to different events that influenced the different phases of what is known as a “Cycle of maturity” (Gartner''s Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies), we can expect their large-scale distribution. In other words, today there are a number of favourable conditions for the development of cryptocurrency.
For the first time, Crypto-currencies received a market capitalization in excess of $ 100 billion. Bitcoin (BTC) owns the largest share, slightly more than $ 46.6 billion (47.9% of all crypto-currencies). But the recent spread of other coins, such as the Etherium (ETH), contributed to the achievement of maximum market capitalization.
Bitcoin has reached the highest level (ATH), both in price and in market capitalization.
Our years of experience served as the inspiration for the creation of Global Market – the first decentralized global system for trading both real and virtual goods around the world.
In fact, we are creating a new economic segment. Any cooperation between large and new projects, and software developers on our platform will open new business relationships, attract and motivate uneducated entrepreneurs, or developers. Therefore, the existing large and medium-sized organizations will be interested in migrating their systems to the platform Global Market alone, with the help of employees Working Global Market, or Global Market. And new can easily discover your startup, and the first to start earning.
Newcomers will have the fastest possible opportunity to gain precious experience, and in parallel to receive profits. Global Market will become a place where it will be easy to declare itself.

How does the Global Market?

For businessmen
We want to give every entrepreneur in the world, the opportunity to open your own virtual store, assess your skills and develop experience.
Entrepreneurs can easily sell their goods and products sold around the world, all in a few clicks without having any knowledge in programming.
Users, for a nominal amount or year will be given a private office where they will be able to:
• Change the style of your store 100%, it means that there will be no restrictions for designers and stylists...
• To connect to or modify an unlimited number of domain names to your store;
• Configure the CDN;
• Download/upload a customer database;
• To correspond, to communicate with clients using offline and online tools;
• Access to the Global Market Working (see below);
• iOS / Android application to manage your store with the following tools:
- online chat with the client;
- voice / video call with customers;
- the status of information processing by the Global Market Upload program (see below);
- accept or reject the order;
- to receive personal messages from website and answer them;
- call courier and logistics services for cargo;
-  to correspond with the employees of your store, ask new tasks, and evaluate the completed tasks using feedback
And this is only a small part of the possibilities, which will have apps on iOS/Android.
• To upload individual products from xlsx files, or from other tables in your store;
- To download and free to use desktop program to Upload the Global Market with the help of which you can easily configure the automatic handler, and unload on the website price lists.
If You have a lot of individual item, a list of which you are getting from suppliers and You don't want to have a group of managers for treatments and updating information on the website, with the help of a program Global Market Upload you can one time to set up a cycle action and check to the end of the day the logs(reports) of the program on the basis of which you will be able to understand what products have been updated and which are not.
The program is Global Market Upload has the following features:

  • Where to download the price list;

The program is able to download ...