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Enabling Simplified Deployment and Support for the Digital Home

Friendly Technologies meets the challenges faced by today’s ISPs, focusing on the areas of Home Networking and the Digital Home. The company develops automatic installation and maintenance solutions that enable the seamless delivery of broadband services and the support of triple play devices (data, voice and video), while lowering per-subscriber costs and raising per-subscriber profits.

In addition to its home networking products, Friendly has established a reputation among ISPs and Telcos around the world for its PPPoE Clients (MS-Certified) and Automatic Self-Support Solutions (Web-based and Client-based).

Products Include:

Home Networking Solutions - ‘One Click' home network self-installation and self-healing software solutions for non-technical users that automatically set up and maintain wireless, secured home networks, configured to the service provider. In addition to installing and configuring the router, these products connect all PCS in the network to each other and to the Internet, enable the sharing of printers, music, photos and files, secure the network from intruders, and remotely manage access devices.

Remote Management Solutions - Installed on the provider side, these sophisticated solutions enable remote visibility and management of subscribers' entire home networks, including access devices and PCs, and facilitate the delivery of broadband services.

Support Automation Solutions – Web-based, PC-based, and Server-based solutions that automatically solve problems, based on Friendly's Automatic Problem Resolution (APR™) technology, dramatically decreasing support calls.

Connectivity Solutions – Self-installation and account setup, PPPoE Clients (MS-certified) with the easiest and smoothest installation on the market, including Automatic Problem Resolution (APR), and Wireless Client

Among the company's 200+ customers are: AOL, British Telecom (BT), Sprint, Supra Telecom, Sereniti, Neuf Telcom, Comtrend, Sagem, Thomson, Airtel, Malaysia Telecom, Wanadoo, IFX-Tutopia, Tiscali, VTR (Chile), TNN (Turkey), KT Networks, Alvarion, FON, and Bezeq Israel Telco.

Friendly Technologies was established in 1997 and is owned by its investors - Vectory Investment Company, Linktech and Argoquest Inc.- and by its founder and CEO, Mr. Elan Migdal and its co-founder, Mr. Yuval Marton. Vectory Investment is a wholly owned subsidiary of Europe-Israel, whose total assets are approximately 1 Billion USD.

The company has its US headquarters in New York, European offices in London, and international headquarters in Ramat Gan, Israel.

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