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Кольца с черными бриллиантами (англ. перевод)

Rings with black diamonds

Almost every girl has a favorite ring, whether it's a wedding ring or a ring bought as an adornment with a precious stone or inexpensive jewelry. Are there any girls that wouldn’t like to take a selfie with a diamond ring that shimmers on her hand? A recent fashion trend implies wearing rings with black diamonds and now you will understand why.

Black diamonds: is it a natural stone or is it artificially colored?

A black diamond, also known as Carbonado, is a real stone that is mined in China, India, Australia and Siberia. Historically speaking, the appearance of this stone is very inaccurate and complex. When such a rare stone was discovered, scientists first confused it with ordinary coal, but after further research they found out that in its formula is present a mix of titanium, nitrogen and hydrogen, which is very similar to a meteorite after a big bang, it was given the name of “The Cosmic Diamond”. Another theory built around the appearance of this stone suggests that it appeared due to volcanic eruptions. Confirmation for the presence of these stones was detection of black diamonds inside the Avachinsky volcano. Such a stone costs no more than 10 dollars for one carat, while a real diamond for one carat can cost you 10 thousand dollars.

Rings with black diamonds - exotic fashion accessory

As of today, the black diamonds are gaining more and more popularity, because a black diamond can be worn not only by women, but also by the male half. Undoubtedly, for girls such an exotic stone will emphasize their elegant style; add mystery and luxury to any image. For men, the ring with a black diamond will not only be a great gift, but also a luxurious addition to any attire. Such a ring adds to the refinement, aristocracy and masculinity. A white diamond with a golden or yellow frame can look really well with a black diamond ring. The best choice is the classic option - a combination of white and black - it will look not only stylish, but expensive and tasteful. The presence of other stones in the ring with a black diamond will look very bright and aesthetic. In fact, the size of the stone in the ring plays a small role, regardless of the size of the black diamond, it will always look colorful and elegant - it all depends on the taste and preferences of the owner. Due to the wide variety of different shapes, patterns and other aspects, each woman or man can pick up a ring with a black diamond, which is ideal for an enthusiast of exotic fashion accessories.

Famous American jewelers who create rings with black diamonds

Studying the topic of black diamonds, it is necessary to mention which American jewelers create masterpieces from such stones and why exactly the US jewelers. The founder of jewelry with black diamonds was the Italian jeweler Fawaz Gruosi. However, American jewelers quickly pulled this activity to their side and today we can see jewelery, not only rings, with black diamonds from the famous American brands, like "Tiffani & CO", "American Pearl", "Vanna K", "Joomi Lim" , "Rogue DZN", "Jeulia" and many others. Each jeweler brings to his black diamond ring masterpiece a fragment of his vision, thanks to which the ring turns out to be unique, exclusive and original, which offers a special charm to the fashion accessory.
Rings with black diamonds are an innovation in jewelry; they conquer with a beautiful combination of simplicity, elegance, purity, mystery which makes it so attractive for people here and now.