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Our software product "SharpStyle Productivity Basics" needs for web site design. Expected budget: 200$-400$

1. We will provide the template with all the files (PSD, fla, etc) (http://www.hypertemplates.com/templates/8841.html)
2. And logo for our company
3. Your tasks
a. Apply Our logo/branding
b. Preloader (if doesn’t exist already)
c. No secondary menu
d. Extract as much text information from Flash so we can
easily modify it without recompiling SWF
e. Main menu (instead of Enterprise solutions, solutions by
industry, etc).:
i. Home
ii. Why PB?
iii. Screenshots
iv. Download
v. Feedback
vi. Support
f. Take out the disk and box from the flash animation
g. Replace with a good looking glass of lemonade that is flash
animated to “fizzle” (bubbles coming out of the glass)
h. Tag line will be something like “A refreshing approach to