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Business Model: products & service offers for projects site.
Ready Products, Packages and Services.
Project Listing / Offering
3rd Party Reviews
Payment & Escrow Service
Service Provider Certification

Products, Packages and Services.
This section allows browsing, search, and purchase packages, services offered by different companies and accomplished.
Section should allow
references to the web sites,
rating of the product and services.
Functional Specification is to be developed.

Job Listing.
This section allows:
1. Registration.
2. Selection of Memberships:
a. Project Owner,
b. Service Provider Pro
c. Service Provider Gold
3. Job Management (listing / offering)
a. Job posting / update / review and offering including optional setting of hidden offered price.
b. Service Offer review / search / sort
c. Blocking of further offerings from particular SP
d. Sending of invitations to participate inside & outside of the site.
4. 3rd Party Review request
5. Payment (cc / paypal / MO / Check), Escrow Service
6. SP request of Service Provider Certification by Master Admin
7. Service Provider Rating and Feedback with 2 parameters:
a. Communication for any participated Service Provider (not only winner)
b. Performance (for winner)
8. Project Owner Rating and Feedback by winner.
9. Communication & messaging allowed only inside of the system. All members should be allowed to control all communication threads. System should send eMail notification about any changes (new offers, responds, changes by Master Admin). Any member could arrange 3rd Party review.
10. Accounting allowing SPs to be informed about time limit and due dates.

Master Admin.
This section allows Master Administrator or assigned Employee:
1. Monitor Members including changes of the Membership and status of the account.
2. Change the Membership fees for any service.
3. Set business rules through the Master Admin interface
4. Monitor payments (received and send) including payments for the service.
5. Set status of the reviewed job in the DB
6. Review and participate in communication
7. Manage mailing list.
8. Create and manage hierarchy structures (job types and product types) for different sections.

Detailed Functional Specification and Membership Features are to be negotiated with the Service Provider (Programmer).

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