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Есть приложение на Ionic нужна оценка стоимости работ, фикс цена и часовая оценка с рейтом в час

Примерный перечень работ 

1. Facebook installs on iOS does not show in Analytics 
2. changes and improvments i want

share item post in share fitness application and open it on device
* 1070 -  implement Facebook SDK  [6.0]
gallery page - latest image should show on top 
* ogged in area - gallery pages - remove category index page and go straight to before / after gallery > http://take.ms/xPHRf
* mail open should ask user which application he would like to use
when signing to training can't get back to the previous screen - add back button on the browser bottom right > http://take.ms/Ca8U5
application crashing
 *1073 -  implement FireBase [4.0]
implement apps flyer [24]