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Software Overview:

EZ Exchange Archive is a tool (application) used to archive all email from
an exchange server using a Journal Mailbox and storing it in an SQL Database
so it can be retrieved via a web based frontend (client). All emails will be
kept for 3 years and at anytime an (school) Administrator will be able to
use the Web Client to retrieve any specific person's emails for a period
dating back 3 years.

*Development needs:*

Part 1: Main App

The application will need to extract information from a Journal Mailbox on
exchange, setting up the data in the proper format (Sender / Recipient /
Date / Time / Body of Email Message) after it extracts the data every 10
minutes (estimated) it should delete it from the Journal Mailbox so it does
not get too large, then sends it to the SQL Database in the format mentioned

Part 2: Web Front End

Once the data has been sent to the SQL Database, a web based frontend will
be needed to access this data. The user should be able to log into this site
(frontend client) then enter search criteria (the email address of the
person in question and a date range if necessary). The application should be
able to retrieve the data in a format that can be viewed, printed and/or
exported to a file format. Also it will need a tools area to setup features
such as UserID and Passwords, export file locations, etc.

Part 3: Installation of the Application

Installation will need to be easy and have the following questions (for the
person installing) +

Server Name

Domain Name or Work Group

Mail Server Name or IP

Mail Server Journal Email Address

Mail Server Journal User and Password

SQL Data Base Name and Location or IP

SQL User and Pass

Admin User and Password for the program itself

When this App installs it can it setup IIS so that the web based
front end just works with out much configuration (is this possible?)

Part 4: Sales/Marketing Product (application) Website

I will create most of the website in which we sell the Application on myself
so as to cut costs. I plan to dev in standard HTML/PHP/CSS with a PayPalPro
merchant solution integrated to handle the transactions. Assistance with the
site may be need (include in quote) for the renewal process - how can we do
this? (see example site below for ideas perhaps)

Example (function only) site:

I have purchased software from this site in the past and it seems
like it may be a good way for us to do it as well -
http://www.spamfighter.com/. If you would like to download and purchase
their application please let me know and I will pay for it so you can test
how their "system" works (downloading trial from site, purchasing license
from site, renewals, etc)

Technical: SQL

As far as SQL it should be an option weather then have their own SQL Server
or I'm hoping we can include a free SQL with our application to make setup
much easier - do you know of a good free one? Would this work:
http://www.microsoft.com/sql/editions/express/default.mspx ?

1) Search should be, User email Address located on the exchange box, Date
and or range of dates.
2) Only an administrator can delete anything from the database
3) yes sounds good but not important for the beta
4) It needs to archive everything that comes in and out of the journal email
box on the exchange server.

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Kadushko Sasha 
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Kadushko Sasha
Kadushko Sasha 
33 года, Украина
14 лет в сервисе
Был онлайн 11 лет назад
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