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14 лет назад
Мурашко Андрей
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14 лет назад

American company, engaged in development of 3d graphics for architecture visualization, because of increase in number of projects, is interested in 3d graphics professionals, for full time work in Kiev office.
In this connection, let us inform you of the most up-to date vacancy for 3D Visualizer.
Required professional skills:
-3D Studio MAX
-strong knowledge of vRay
-Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator
-knowledge of After Effects
-very good command of English
Applicants who can present a high quality portfolio will have an advantage.

Please email the following application information to 3dvisualizations@gmail.com :
- Your detailed CV in English.
- Your portfolio of prior works.
- Date when you can start working for our company.
- Salary expectations.
- Phone number.
We guarantee a lot of work and decent salary.
We are always open to discuss your salary expectation, and welcome your questions to us as well.
We will appreciate your feedback if our job opportunity could be interesting for you.
If no, then inform us accordingly as well, please.
ICQ 330913862

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  • Рекламное место свободно
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  • Рекламное место свободно
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