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Software Edogs
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Короткое общее описание на английском (экспорт упомянутый делать не нужно).
Срок исполнения - ориентировочно до 15 числа.
Легкие изменения ТЗ - возможны.

Для плохо разбирающихся в английском - коротко: скрипт событий/вечеринок, люди могут туда подавать заявки, есть срок в течении которого событие проходит, мыльные уведомления/подтверждения, ограничение количества участников и т.д..

* Simple event registration & confirmation system with waiting list.
They come to the site & register with a user, then we send them an
email 1 week before the LAN asking them to confirm their registration
by returning to the site & clicking a confirm button.

- Ability for registered users to signup for an event
- Ability for users signed up to confirm their
registration for the event
- Ability for users to still register if an event is full
but they are placed on a waiting list
- Ability to set the number of people who can attend &
also enable us to change it even if their are people already
registered for the event. Just moves any waiting on to the real list.
- Ability for users on waiting list to be bumped up into
the real list if users in the real list either unregister or don't
confirm their registration for the event. Done on date/time of
registration & confirmation.
- Ability for the site to have more than one event for
users to signup to.
- When a user registers & confirms their event
registration for an event we send them an email confirming they have
done it. This email should be configurable so we can add extra info
to the email..
- Ability to export into csv usernames & passwords &
status (Reg, Confirmed or waiting) of users from a particular event.
- Ability to export usernames & passwords into ALP
. From my investigations the only thing
that makes this hard is the password being stored in different
- Ability to allow & disallow registration, confimations
& waiting list functions.
- Ability to program a date to automatically open
registrations & confirmations. Eg: Reg open Dec 16 at 4pm &
Confimations open Dec 20 at 4pm.
- Ability to email all people on a certain event list or
just part of a list (ie: Send email to just those who have confirmed
or those who are waiting etc).
- On the rego list screen we need the ability to add
content up the top about the event & what is going on.
- Simple block that says when the next event is on, how
many people are registered, how many the event can hold & how many
confirmed & how many on the waiting list. With a link to that event
rego screen.
- Admin control panel so we can admin the events from the
normal nuke admin interface. Admin part should also have access to
manually add, delete, confirm any user on any event list.

- Well documented so that we can maintain it in the future.